Here at English Wanted we are always happy to design or develop your website. But we like our clients to have a sense of ownership too. That’s why we use easy-to-manage platforms like WordPress.

All you have to do is provide us with details of what you need, with a link to your existing site if you have one. Here are the services we offer:

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Dress for success

We help you select from a wide range of ready-made templates, or we can customize your website’s appearance — including fonts and colours — to your exact requirements. We aim for a simple and attractive look which encourages customers, clients or readers to explore what you have to offer. Navigation items (menus, links, forms, calls-to-action) are logical and carefully planned. All design features are included in the proposed price.

Plug it in and you’re ready to go

WordPress sites can be made to do anything, but some design and behaviour is not native to the platform and must be added in the form of third-party plugins. We try to keep these extensions to a minimum in order to keep the site secure and fast-loading. Any plugins that we do use come from tried and trusted suppliers. Where there is a fee, we will factor this in to the final price, but under normal circumstances this is a negligible cost.

Let your website do the heavy lifting

How do we help drive traffic to your site? Firstly we focus on what your customers are looking for on the web, and then make the text relevant for that search. As a result we expect your pages to rank highly in the search engines that matter. Secondly, we make stories engaging and original, and present them in a way that makes people want to share them more widely.

Clarity, accuracy, originality, style

Our top-ranking research means that you always end up with information that is up-to-date, correctly expressed, and completely original. Material is sensitively edited in order to convey your message directly and concisely: as a rule of thumb, we never use 100 words where fifty will do. And as well as re-tooling existing text, we always make it fresh with our own house style.

Name and address?

If your site is completely new, we can provide advice on domain name (URL) and hosting, but we do not supply this service ourselves. (After all, you might give access to your house to the builder or decorator, but you wouldn’t expect them to set up ownership.) For existing sites we will probably need ‘back-end’ access for the duration of the project.

Keeping up appearances

WordPress websites require minimal maintenance, and we design them with non-technical users in mind. However, if you wish us to maintain the site, we can do so inexpensively on a periodic basis. Please contact us to choose from a annual, half-yearly, or quarterly basis.