Essential English team training

You know your business better than anyone. But how do you measure up when meeting clients, giving a presentation, or promoting your business online?

We can’t do your job for you, but we can help you communicate more effectively. With key refinements to your marketing, sales, emails, and presentations, you should find big improvements in operations, reputation and performance.

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What’s on the menu?

Essential English Team Training is designed for native or non-native speakers, and delivered in your own office or workspace.

Each session starts with a slide presentation, followed by an interactive workshop based on your team’s or company’s specific goals and requirements. Sessions last from two to four hours and include tutoring, Q&A, notes and practical exercises

Choose from:

  • 1-hour individual training sessions: 600 Kč per person per hour
  • 2-hour training session – up to 10 participants: 6,000 Kč flat rate per group
  • Half-day workshop for any number of participants: 10,000 Kč flat rate per group

*Please note that these sessions are available only in Prague, Czech Republic