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English Wanted is based in Prague, Czech Republic, but we happily undertake commissions and projects from anywhere in the world. To find out how we can assist you, or for more details about our services, please

portraitEnglish Wanted 
was founded by Cambridge graduate Alex Went, who, after many years of living in Europe, is fully aware of the language requirements of native and non-native English speakers alike.

‘Finding that perfect expression or turn of phrase is always going to present a challenge,’ he says. ‘It’s not for lack of effort, but I find that businesses and individuals often spend a fortune on services that claim to be able to improve their English, when, in all honesty, it might have been better for them to stick to Grammarly.

‘That’s why our specialist service carefully analyses, revises and streamlines clients’ written and spoken English. It’s like this: where others simply run your text through the car-wash, we lovingly repair and hand-polish every detail until it glows with professionalism.’