Price list

check200Editing: starting at €13 (350 CZK) per 500-word page*

We provide a full editing service, not just proofreading.  We guarantee that your work will be returned to you in clear, communicative English, fully compliant with recommended style guidelines. The fee includes two free phone calls to the client and up to five email cross-checks. For an additional fee, one-way translation of selected languages into native English is also available. Typical projects include academic, marketing, journalistic and website texts.


Academic proofreading and editing – between €13 (350 CZK) and €18.5 (500 CZK) per 1000 words

For large projects, theses, dissertations and technical writing, we apply a three-phase approach that combines machine checks with dedicated human correction and editing. A Bachelor’s-level dissertation can be ready in five to six days, and a Doctoral thesis in under four weeks. Guaranteed full compliance with style and citation guides (e.g. MHRA, MLA, Harvard). Regular communication with the client; competitive rates. Please contact us for further details.


Web pages: Project-based, or €130 (3500 CZK) per 1000 words*

Experienced copywriting for WordPress, Drupal and Hubspot, as well as made-to-measure platforms such as Shopify, Wix and Squarespace. Prices quoted for development of fixed content and navigation are ‘per project’. We can also discuss provision of organic content as a service.


Voiceover: Project-based, or €100 (2700 CZK) per studio hour*

English native speaker, male. Versatile, clear GB and international accents. With thirty years’ experience of performance and teaching, Alex Went has recorded for the corporate, broadcast, marketing and audiobook markets. Click to isten to an audiobook short story or a business presentation introduction.


Copywriting: €100 (2700 CZK) per 500 words or per hour**

Original content on a wide variety of subjects, written to order. Client specifies length, register (formal/informal), tone (humorous, serious), audience (corporate, general public, teenage etc.) Technical writing or writing which requires additional research may be charged at a higher rate.


Presentations: from €100 (2700 CZK) per hour, plus travel expenses

A wide range of presentations including specialist introductions to English style, English idiom, writing for business and writing for the market. Director Alex Went also offers talks and seminars on English literature, the history of the English language, practical criticism, ethical journalism and European architectural heritage.

*Prices may vary according to project. All prices are subject to change. Discounts available for regular or repeat custom.
** Word-count is usually for finished continuous prose. Hourly rate for scripted projects.